About Me


Hello, I’m Meg, and I love to be outside.  I live in Los Angeles, California, and absolutely love to take advantage of the hiking trails, ski areas, and water activities right in Los Angeles’s backyard.

My love for the outdoors began at a very early age. For as long as I can remember, my family vacations consisted of loading up “the van” and driving up the 395 to spend a week frolicking around the Eastern Sierras. In sixth grade, I joined my middle school’s backpacking club and gained an appreciation for carrying everything you needed yourself.

I attended college in the mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona.  Soon after graduating and moving back home to Southern California, I realized my heart just wasn’t ready to leave the mountains and live in the “real world.”  On an impulse, I applied for a job in Mammoth Lakes, California, and within 5 days of applying, moved to the Eastern Sierra.  I spent a year and a half living among the alpine lakes and craggy peaks before moving back down to Los Angeles to attend grad school, but not before ending my time in the Sierras with a bang and hiking the John Muir Trail.

Now that I’m back in LA, I take every chance I get to get outside.  Whether that is exploring the local mountains of Los Angeles County or bombing up to the Sierras on the weekends, I find myself most happy when I’m in the mountains.  Most of all, I love learning about the history in the places in which I’m hiking.  When I’m not outside, you can find me hanging with my two kittens, reading a new book, or playing board games with family and friends.

I figured I would make this blog for three reasons: 1) I absolutely LOVE reading hiking blogs and trail reports. Whether I’m researching locations for upcoming trips or am just trying to mentally find myself any other place than working indoors at my desk, I often find myself getting lost in good trail blogs for hours on end.  If my blog can do that for you, I will have considered myself successful! 2) I thoroughly enjoy writing.  I write a lot for my job, but wanted some sort of creative writing outlet for when I’m not working.  What better way to do that than to pair it with my ultimate passion in life – hiking? 3) I just really love the idea of encouraging others to get outside and explore gorgeous, natural places in this world. They exist for a reason, so let’s get out there and enjoy them!

Thank you so much for coming along on this blogging journey with me.

Happy Trails!