Clothing Review: Kuhl Petra Turtleneck

In September, one of my favorite outdoor brands, KUHL, reached out to me to see if I wanted to test out one of their women’s winter clothing products… I couldn’t say yes fast enough! I decided to test out the KUHL Petra Turtleneck – and spoiler alert, I’m obsessed.

Since receiving it, I’ve taken it on probably 100 morning walks (no joke), one big early-winter hike to Big Pine Lakes in the Sierra, and a short-trip to Joshua Tree.

Overall, the Kuhl Petra Turtleneck is a great thermal to layer up or wear on its own. It is SO breathable, and perfect for fall or warmer winter conditions. It is super lightweight and the perfect addition to my wardrobe. I seriously haven’t been able to take this off since I got it, and I’d recommend it in a heartbeat.


Weight: 7 ounces
Fabric: 55% cotton/45% polyester
Sleeve Length: Long
Hood: No
Pocket: No
Thumbholes: Yes
Colors: Abyss (navy blue), Ash (gray-white), Copper (rust), Pavement (charcoal), Kalamata (burgundy)
Price: $59.00


HOW BREATHABLE IT IS: My favorite thing about the Petra Turtleneck is how breathable it is. Because of the sheer amount of fabric in turtlenecks, they can sometimes be a bit stuffy and tend to make me overheat – but this is definitely not a problem with the Petra! Although it has long sleeves and a high neck, it is crazy breathable, so you never get too hot. It is sweat-wicking, so it doesn’t get too wet if you do start to sweat with strenuous exercise. It is truly perfect for chillier days because it provides you with warmth and protection against the cold air, but stays so breathable so you don’t overheat.

THE FABRIC: The fabric is 55% cotton and 45% polyester, and is sewn in a waffle design. It almost feels like a thicker long-john type of fabric. To be totally honest, it isn’t the softest fabric I’ve ever felt, but I also don’t need it to be. The fabric is obviously what makes this turtleneck so breathable – and I think that if it was super soft, it wouldn’t be so sweat-wicking, nor would it hold its shape as much as it does.

THE FIT: The fit is a slouchy fit, and while I actually expected it to be a bit tighter, I ended up really loving it! I would call it “structured” over “fitted”, but the structure of it just makes it super comfortable while also being flattering. It also has enough room to wear a base layer underneath if necessary – it is great for layering or to wear on its own.

THE COLOR: The turtleneck comes in five different colors, and while it was a hard decision to pick which color to go with, I decided to fully lean into my newfound obsession with rust and go with the Copper turtleneck! The color is exactly how it was pictured online. I’m super happy with it!

THE THUMBHOLE: The Petra Turtleneck has a super unique thumbhole where the fabric actually overlaps eachother, so when you aren’t using the thumbholes, you don’t have an awkward hole near your wrist. I actually didn’t even realize that it had thumbholes until a few weeks after I started wearing it because it was hidden so well! The design, however, is still super comfortable for your hands and thumbs. I wish all thumbholes were designed like this!

There is honestly nothing that I dislike about the Petra Turtleneck. There are times that I kind of wish it had a pocket, but with a pocket comes bulkiness, and I’m not sure if I would want to sacrifice the light weight and breathability for a pocket. It really is perfect just the way it is.

While I absolutely love it for hiking, the Petra Turtleneck has honestly become my absolute go-to for morning walks around my neighborhood. It is lightweight enough so that I never get too hot, but it provides some warmth against the chilly air on my arms. For the past month, I’ve legit worn it like every morning. Another bonus – because it is sweat-wicking, it doesn’t hold onto smells!

You can easily wear the Petra Turtleneck alone or layered. It serves many functions as is comfortable AF. I’d highly, highly recommend investing in one yourself, and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about purchasing another one in another color (looking at you, Abyss or Ash). 10/10!

And a big thank you to Kuhl for giving me the opportunity to review this product – and for helping me find my new favorite thermal! Kuhl, you never disappoint!

Happy hiking!

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